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Vavien, an IoT company making things smarter.

All of us have engineering backgrounds and we are located in Istanbul.

Vavien was born from our own needs. As technology-producing people, we dreamed of entering our homes without using keys. Our first studies started with this point of view.

We developed an electronic card module and mobile software then bundled them together. With a packaged solution, we are enabling lock manufacturers transforming their products to IoT-based smart systems

Do you wonder what are we doing in fact?

Vavien Electronic

Its not just a standard IoT

Vavien provides a package solution to mechanical door lock manufacturers.
This solution includes an electronic card module and mobile phone application.

Mobil Applications

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Electronic Card Module

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Vavien provides a package for door lock manufacturers.

Our package includes an electronic card module and smart home mobile applications

Door lock manufacturers easily integrate our module to their existing products and bundle them with our smart home mobile applications.

We turn their traditional door locks into smart locks. With Vavien, manufacturers do not have to spend their resources for smart home applications. We save them time and money during their digital transformation.

Our Quality Certificates

IPC Standards for PCB boards. Bluetooth certificate for using Bluetooth logo. Certified component usage to meet FCC and CE document. RoHS certificate Manufacturers have to meet EN 1906:2012 standard and ANDI standards for door locks.

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